Daniel & Elijah had pictures taken at pre-school a few weeks and the prints are in!

I just can’t stop looking at Daniel’s smile!  And the photographer attached a note to Elijah’s asking for permission to use his picture in her studio!

We sure make good-lookin’ kiddos!

Daniel - October 2011

Elijah - October 2011


Money shots

So I am calling for a vote on what is a good punishment for jchon for missing his posting!


So we went and took some pics in my fav spot for my Bday two weekend ago.  Here are some of fav shots;-)

This is def the money shot of the day!

A few good ones of each child;-)









And a couple of the boys and I, and the boys.  is addition, I found the coolest spice store in dallas: Penzeys (www.penzeys.com) and they gave me the bumper sticker.  I loved it so much, I thought I would post it here too;-).  enjoy;-)








Posting, posting, 1 2 3

This is not truly a post. It is just a post so I don’t “get in trouble”. My computer is in the middle of big update, and I am really tired. Tomorrow I will post some pics from our recent family self portraits. For now, I am posting:-). Have a feeling I wont get by with this too often.

Too Old?

I was never part of the party scene.

Not to say I’ve never been to a bar or stayed out late.  Just not very often.

This weekend was Dawn’s birthday and at her request, we got a baby sitter and went out with some good friends to a karaoke bar.

We all had a great time.  We had drinks.  We had conversations.  We sang.  We had fun.

We also got a good reminder why we don’t do that very often.

Aside from arriving home at 1 am smelling like a bar; baby sitters don’t stick around to take care of the kids in the morning.

And the kids don’t care how late you got to bed or how much you really don’t want to get up at a normal hour.

Throw in the fact that the “normal hour” in our house is anywhere between 5am – 6am and you can understand how morning came way too soon.

Having lost a bet a few months ago, I let Dawn sleep in while I got up, threw the kids in front of Curious George and fixed a very large pot of coffee.

So are we too old for late night karaoke bars?  Nah.

But before we make it a habit, we may want to wait until the kids are old enough make their own breakfast.

Happy Birthday to me!!

Ahhhhh… I sit here reveling in an amazing dinner of Salmon and Asparagus (my favs!), delish Choc Cake, and a soon to be Settlers of Catan game (Bring it!!)  My amazing hubby made me cry with his super sweet post! I spend a couple of wonderful hours coloring with my cutie boys!  What a great way to spend a birthday!  And tomorrow we get to spend the day with our gerat friends, and taking family pics before hand!  Fun Fun Fun!  sigh… I am sure I wll think of more to post soon!

Happy Birthday!


I met my wife just over 19 years ago.  Married for just over 15 of those years.

Wow.  I’ve never seen that in type before.  That’s a long time!

We were 16 and working at Sonic Drive-In (the old one on Boulevard, for those of you from the 405).


My big brother, Frankie, helped me get a job there and the first time Dawn saw me (or rather, heard my name) she said, “Oh, no.  Not another one.”  She says it was because there were others with similar-sounding names as ours; Jchon, Dawn, John, etc.. But I think she really meant, “Oh no.   Not another Paradise.”  Wouldn’t have been the first time those words were spoken.

Clearly, I noticed her that first day, being shown around by the restaurant manager.  Who wouldn’t – gorgeous tall blonde?


That was in early May.  Over the next almost two months, we got to know each other.

It turned out that though I hadn’t met or seen her before working at Sonic, I had actually been by her house a hundred times in the year she had lived in town (and gone to the same highschool).


She was the one who owned that turquoise and hot pink VW Super Beetle that was always parked too far away from the curb and almost hit every time I turned the corner to visit my friend who lived about eight houses down.

We were young but we were in love.  We dated for the next four years before getting married just before I joined the Air Force.

Many young married couples don’t wait very long before starting a family.  We did.


We were already a family.  Just not one with kids yet.

We spent the next eight years “playing house”.  We had ups and we had downs (more of the former, but not lacking the latter).  We grew up together.  We started as kids and figured out how to be adults together.  Though really, it still feels like we’re just kids trying to figure out how to be adults sometimes.

We went from high school sweethearts to college kids trying to figure out the “real world” to this young married couple learning from each other to parents of three amazing little boys.


I truly can’t imagine what my life would be like without my Dawn.  Though I’m pretty sure it would involve Role Playing Games conventions and LAN parties (no offense, fellow geeks).

I’m a man blessed beyond measure.

Happy Birthday, Dawnie.

I love you.

p.s. – You can skip your post today without punishment – Happy Birthday!



I have a great job. Really – I do!

I work with an amazing bunch of guys (and gal, soon to be gals) and I get to wear a lot of hats (not literally, unfortunately).

I get to wear my IT hat – it’s a dorky little number with a pen clipped to the side.

I get to wear my Programmer hat – a ball cap with a “Geek. It’s the new Black.” printed on the front. [shout-out to my Dawnie]

I get to wear my Web & Graphics Designer/Developer hat – this one’s more of knit cap that can only be worn while wearing faded jeans, a fitted T (tucked in the front but untucked in the back) & Birkenstocks.

I get to wear my Marketing hat – this one’s a Fedora. I’m not sure why – it just is.

I’ve even been able to wear my Woodworking hat on occasion – a manly, worn, rustic-looking cowboy hat.

But none of these is my Dream Job. Although, maybe they are – just not right here, right now.

And yes, there’s a good chance my boss will read this – but that doesn’t scare me – I have nothing bad to say. Like I said – I have a great job! Plus, he’s the kind of boss who wants his employees to enjoy their jobs – even if that means moving on to another opportunity – he’ll do what he can to help you get there.

Don’t worry boss-man – I’m not going anywhere.

I love wearing all these hats. But right now, none of them allow me to do what I really love. I love being around my family.

Some guys look at going to the office as a respite from the craziness of home. I don’t. I look for any opportunity to work from home (as it stands, there’s nothing I can’t do from home that I do in the office).

I love hearing my wife and the boys going about their day in other parts of the house.

I love seeing little faces peak around the door to see if they can sneak up on me and scare me (which I, of course, rarely am, but occasionally give out a yell just to hear them laugh).

I love the little pictures and notes they bring to me after sitting at the kitchen table coloring with mom.

I love feeling like I’m an active part of their day – even if it’s just being present in another room.

I love just being around them all.

So my dream job? It’s doing all the things I already do – just doing them from home.

If I could find a way to earn a consistent income from all the little skills I’ve acquired through the years – I’d jump on that wagon today.

But that’s not even the point of this post.

Quitter, by Jon Acuff

I recently read a book; Quitter by Jon Acuff. It’s a book written to help people make the move from their “day job” to their “dream job”. I highly recommend it for anyone feeling discontent in their job and feels like quitting to get their dream job.

But what I most got out of this book was this:

Don’t quit your day job and falling in like with a job you don’t love. Both of which happen to be chapter titles in the book.

I have been guilty of letting my dreams of working for myself, from home, take over my motivation for doing quality work at the office. I found myself wishing I was in my garage/workshop making sawdust on that piece of furniture I started over the weekend. I found myself unable to focus on what was in front of me because I kept going over the checklist of tasks to complete before opening our coffee shop.

I have been guilty of stealing. Guilty of stealing time my boss has purchased.

Quitter helped me realize that it’s my duty, my obligation to give everything I’ve got to my “day job”. There are thousands of people out there who would love to have my job. Thousands who would gladly sit at a desk and be paid to do what I do. And my boss expects no less from me.

I still want to work for myself, from home. That’s still my dream. But I’ve stopped allowing my dream to be the focus throughout the workday. I’ve stopped allowing myself feel down because, poor me, I’m not doing exactly what I want to be doing right now.

I’ll get there. I’ll work hard. I’ll built a client base. I’ll work for myself. I’ll work from home.

But for now, I’ll give everything I’ve got to my day job. I’m a blessed man in more ways than one. I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful for my job.

p.s. – Know anyone who needs some custom furniture?